Approaches to the Theories of Happiness Paper

Select two of the approaches to theories of happiness discussed in our reading for this week on Subjective Well-being (pps. 562-568, Telic Theories, Pleasure and Pain Theories, etc).

1) Summarize the main points of each approach and identify the psychologists who have developed theories of happiness based on that general approach. (2 or more paragraphs)

2) Compare and contrast the pros and cons of each position with regard to evidence in support of each approach and the weaknesses inherent in each. (1 or more paragraphs)

3) Select one specific theory (or one of the general approaches) that you think is the most useful way to conceptualize and investigate what makes for happiness, based on both the research presented in the article and your own experiences of what contributes to your own “happiness” or lack thereof. Explain your position, and provide evidence in support of your position, at least one of which is drawn from the research described in the article and the other from your own experience or observations. (1 or more paragraphs).

*Minimum 400 words*


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