Argument Analysis

Marquis writes, “This essay sets out an argument that purports to show, as well as any argument in ethics can show, that abortion is, except possibly in rare cases, seriously immoral” (183). What is the argument that Marquis provides for the conclusion that, “abortion is, except possibly in rare cases, seriously immoral”? Is his argument sound?

1. Introduction paragraph have a sophisticated thesis reveals an in-depth analysis of the text and give appropriate background information. Innovative, original introduction that indicates writer’s grasp of topic, purpose and audience. clearly lay out the main things will do in the paper.

2. Body paragraph exhibits a sophisticated and coherent structure through skillful placement of ideas and effective transitioning.

Ideas are original, clearly developed and supported with effective, relevant, and specific references in order to analyze the text. 3 citations are correctly used and placed.

Utilizes terminology appropriate to genre, chooses distinct words, and varies sentence length and grammatical structure to create an original and confident voice both fitting to the purpose of the essay and intended audience.

Body paragraph include:

Please describe Marquis’s argument in the first, and describe Marquis’s argument for the conclusion that, “abortion is, except possibly in rare cases, seriously immoral. And talking about what your opinion is.

Accurately reconstruct Marquis’s argument, and make reconstruction of Marquis’s argument illuminating, helping the reader to fully understand what the argument is.

Make discussion whether Marquis’s argument is sound. Please make analysis and discussion easy to follow and thoughtful/insightful.

3. Make Conclusion repeats thesis statement, and is author argument sound? do you agree and disagree? why?

Conclusion leaving reader satisfied and thinking Mastery of conventions: no spelling, punctuation or format errors

Please Make a quality Analysis Argument! Thanks!