Argument Essay

Choose a topic to write an argument essay on. The guidelines are attatched below.

Debatable Topic Options:

Bilingual Education Animal Rights Helmet Laws

Sexual Harassment Capital Punishment Minimum Wage

Prayer in Public Schools Gun Control Cloning

Euthanasia Sex Education Home Schooling

Reinstating the Draft Legalization of Marijuana Smoking Laws

Corporal Punishment Mandatory Drug Testing Pornography/free speech

National ID Card Organ Donations or Sales Legal Voting Age

Internet Censorship Three Strikes Policy Mandatory Education Age

Same Sex Adoptions Intelligent Design Flag Burning/free speech

Legalization of Prostitution Televised Trials Human Trafficking

Free Education for Prisoners Minimum Wage Social Networking

Laptops in the Classroom Homelessness Racial Profiling

Athletic Scholarships Health Care Reform Drunk Driving Penalties

Pledge of Allegiance Revision Cyberbullying Nuclear Proliferation

Gang Violence Good Samaritan Laws Planned Parenthood

Cell Phones and Driving College Fraternities/Sororities

Immigration Reform Prisoners’ Voting Rights

Single Sex Schools Beauty Pageants

Spyware: reasonable or an invasion of privacy?