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Aristotle and normative ethics - Freshman Essays

Aristotle and normative ethics

a two thousand-word online essay response to the question below. .

Online Essay Question One: If I were to ask what I should do in situation X, it seems Aristotle would say, “Do what the virtuous person would do.” But if I were to ask how I would recognize a virtuous person, he would say, “He is one who acts justly.” Aristotle does not see this as circular reasoning. How does he avoid circular reasoning? Does virtue ethics require supplementation from other ethical systems? If so, provide reasons for the one(s) you would suggest (based on our introductory class lectures) and how they contribute to Aristotle’s ethical program. Is Aristotle’s ethics sufficiently action-guiding (does it help us make decisions) ?

I need to employ proper essay structure (i.e., a detailed introduction with a clear and concise thesis statement, a body with propositions in support of your thesis, and a conclusion if necessary). Make sure to write in MLA format for this assignment.

The book we use for this class is

Nicomachean Ethics Aristotle translated by w.d ross

important points

it has to be a two thousands word essay, with MLA in text citation.