Art history from the earliest civilizations through the 20th Century essay.

NOTE: You MUST cite your sources. When you quote the textbook or any other source YOU MUST use “quotes” around the text you use when NOT WRITING IN YOUR OWN WORDS. (Include the author’s last name & pg. no. in parenthesis immediately following the quote.)

For the third and final essay you are required to either visit a museum and discuss two works of art that you have observed in person.

You may visit a museum where you will have access to art works from the time periods/cultures addressed in this class (art history from the earliest civilizations through the 20th Century) or, you also have the option of discussing contemporary art viewed at a museum or gallery.

*This essay is meant to give you freedom to use the skills you have developed in this course to select and discuss any work you like. The ***Introduction to the text book*** identified and defined several ***terms for discussing art*** Discuss two works *in these terms*. Where possible, please be sure to include a link to the museum’s website. (at least 3 Pages) plus references.

Essays, however, a high standard of writing is expected, including structure (Introduction, body of text in paragraphs, and Conclusion), use quotes were necessary, and submit a simple WORKS CITED page. Write essays with integrity and originality. No plagiarism!

Textbook: Gardner’s Art through the Ages: A Concise Global History, Third Edition

Fred S. Kleiner