Art history paper according to a lecture I attended.

I attended a lecture at the beginning of this month, it is about Dr. Caitlín Barrett, Assistant Professor in the Department of Classics at Cornell University, who will present her ongoing work on the fresco depicting the Nile River valley in the triclinium of the Casa dell’Efebo (House of the Ephebus) at Pompeii.

What I have for this lecture are some pictures I took from her power point, the tutor should writer a paper with a 1-2 page, double-spaced with normal 1” margins, typed review of Dr. Barrett’s talk, according to my pictures( from the powerpoint)

Please try your best, do not make more than 3 times of any grammer mistakes or mis-spelling. You don’t need to be super professional for this paper, but you need to have your own thought and understanding, and the paper should flow well.

It would be perfect if you can finish it on Wednesday(29th) night, because the final due time is 11am at Thursday(30th), and I have class on Thursday morning.

Contact me for the pictures I took, I will send it to you.

Thanks in advance.