art history quiz

2 little essay, each essay about 250 -300 words.

and 10 short answer questions about art history.

Must finish in 100 mins.

The two essays are very open-ended. One of the essays will ask you to examine context in relation to one of the themes. I will pick the theme and you will talk about the process of looking and how we look and how that determines our experience of the object. This essay will be about clarifying and defining our particular relationship to art, knowing that the altar piece that we see in museums as a great work of Renaissance art, may have once been a devotional tool to assist the faithful in greater contemplation of their spiritual role in the world.

The other essay will ask you to apply what you have learned to a particular object/event/artistic expression. In a previous class, I provided an example of a print advertisement for Jeep automobiles and asked students to look at the visual references to the themes we have discussed and relate it to at least two examples in the book.