article on Personhood, Animals and the Law

For this assignment you will write 4 pages of essays.You will write a scholarly reaction based on your own critical reaction to the reading. The object is to demonstrate that you have read and thought about the materials from our text. Suggestions for topics are listed at the bottom of this sheet. “Scholarly” means that you take the material seriously, objectively, and critically. Provide support as to why you hold the positon towards the material that you do. You may compare a reading with others. You may include real-life examples to support your reading of the readings. No secondary material from outside of class is required, but must be properly cited or else it constitutes plagiarism hence resulting is failure in the full course. A Bibliography is required even if only one text is used as reference. Each essay must be at least one full page in length. Each essay must be typed in 12 Point Times New Roman font, Double-spaced, stapled together, and well edited for structure and grammar. Below are the articles from which you would get the information from to write this paper.