Assess the presidency of Richard Nixon

1. Discussion Question

Assess the presidency of Richard Nixon. While he is most famous for Watergate — and, so far, is the only president to resign from office — Nixon made a significant impact on the American political landscape. From his infamous “Southern strategy” in 1968 to his visit with Mao in 1972, Nixon clearly was a game-changer. What are the positive impacts of his legacy? What are the negatives? Which one outweighs the other and why? Make sure to provide specific examples and historical evidence for your analysis.

Remember to bring in at least one authoritative source from your own research in addition to any information you provide from Hallock. The minimum word count for your initial post is 200 words, not counting citations. The response posts, to score at the highest level, need to engage the other students’ ideas and bring in new facts to advance the discussion. The minimum word count per response post is 100 words.