assignment Paper 3

Assignment: Paper 3

Length: 1250-1500 words plus a work cited page.

Making use of at least two of the primary texts <The Sun Also Rises>,<Mrs. Dalloway>,<A Farewell to Arms> and three outside critical sources (using only the literary data bases and scholarly articles or books of criticism, you may also use primary text by Marx ,Nietzsche, etc. ) Please note sources such as Cliffnotes, Grade Saver, Shamoop , etc. do not count as scholarly sources) build a paper that explores one of the following topics:

“The term “New Woman” was coined by the writer and public speaker Sarah Grand in 1894. It soon became a popular catch-phrase in newspapers and books. The New Woman, a significant cultural icon of the fin de siècle, departed from the stereotypical Victorian woman. She was intelligent, educated, emancipated, independent and self-supporting.” [1] Construct an argument that considers the impact of the idea of the “new woman” on two of the texts we have read this term.

2. Gertrude Stein, in her often-cited statement “you are all a lost generation,” either accurately characterized the generation of writers that came of age after the Great War or unnecessarily stigmatized that generation. Using at least two texts from this course, construct an essay that refutes or upholds Stein’s famous/infamous quote. Keep in mind that the idea of a generation is a construct and therefore not a natural form. You can think of the concept of a generation as a tool writers use to “justify an experience.” You should consider locating this generation within a historical space using specific examples. These examples should relate to the texts we have read this term.

4) It is generally agreed that Brett Ashley and Jordon Baker represent examples of the new woman. However, their reliance on male companions and their portrayal as untrustworthy draws attention to their construction by male authors and the presence of masculine anxiety toward the changing role of women during the early 20th century. Consider how an intertextual reading of at least two of the text we read this term might further undermine these characters as examples of the new woman.

5) “Modernism’s concerns were with the accelerating pace of society toward destruction and meaninglessness. In the late 1800s many of society’s certainties were undermined. Marx demonstrated that social class was created, not inherent; Freud boiled down human individuality to an animalistic sex drive; Darwin provided evidence that the Bible might not be literally true; and Nietzsche argued that even the most deeply-held ethical principles were simply constructions. Modernist writers attempted to come to terms with where humanity stood after its cornerstones had been pulverized” [2] Construct an essay using at least two texts that you read this semester and consider how these texts try to preserve, adapt, or renounce their cultural heritage.

5) Jeremy Diaper, in his critique of Michael Levenson’s text Modernism, highlights Levenson’s assertion that “ it is impossible to disregard the racist elements of Modernism…” stating “in fact Levenson[‘s text] stresses that racism was tied up with the very quality of modernity and modernization. Consequently, he suggests that Modernism had racism coursing through its development’. “ [3] Construct an argument that considers racism in at least two texts we have read this term.

6) Tracy Loughran write:” During the First World War, thousands of soldiers were treated for “shell shock,” a condition which encompassed a range of physical and psychological symptoms. Shell shock has most often been located within a “genealogy of trauma,” and identified as an important marker in the gradual recognition of the psychological afflictions caused by combat. In recent years, shell shock has increasingly been viewed as a powerful emblem of the suffering of war.” Construct an essay using at least two text that you read this semester and consider how the texts address the issue of shell shock. [4]