Association for the US army Project Paper

Project One: 10% EVALUATE A SPECIAL EVENT. (google any event in Washington DC area).

Attend an event of any subfield (civic, expo/exhibit, fair/festival, hallmark event, hospitality, meeting/conference). Observe the event from an attendee’s perspective and from a planner’s perspective. Compose a 3-4 page written report on what you experience from both points of view. The report should include the following:

* Overview of the event- What is it? Purpose? Basic details.

* Attendee’s perspective- What did you experience? What senses were engaged? What amenities were provided to enhance the perspective?

* Planner’s perspective- What logistics were needed? Comment on the budget for the event.

* SWOT analysis of the event


Prepare a 2-3 page written review of an industry publication or journal article dealing with some aspect of special event management and current trends. (5%) Create a PowerPoint presentation to accompany the report that you will present to the class (5 minute minimum – 10 minute maximum) about the trend (5%)