ART 100 GCCC District Art Essay


Not every video provided to you in this course involves a film quiz. Choose any one video that did not provide a quiz (

and consider these questions:

What sort of new artistic knowledge did I gain?

What did I enjoy about the art/artist?

What did I not enjoy about the art/artist (if this applies)?

Write a short essay that answers the above questions and provide comments about your own viewing experience.

Make sure that these are at least about a page in length.

Ellis-Elan Jewelry and Moda Hermosa Termination Clause Paper

Dear Lawyer:

Our client, Ellis-Elan Jewelry Design, LLC is entering into a distribution agreement with a Latin American fashion distributor, Moda Hermosa. Moda Hermosa is planning to open pop-up stores in various Latin American locations over the next few years. Ellis-Elan Jewelry Design would like to introduce its jewelry into Latin America and grow that market. Our client believes Moda Hermosa has a good reputation and thinks it will do a good job promoting the product in Latin America. Ellis-Elan has agreed to give Moda Hermosa a 3-year exclusive distributorship in Latin America.

Ellis-Elan wants to get this deal done quickly, but I’m concerned I want to make sure we cover what happens if the deal goes wrong. Please draft a termination provision that you think will protect Ellis-Elan. If you think we need more information or have any observations about the transaction, please write them in a cover note.



Priscilla Partner

Who is Jesus Christological Controversies Debates

[Every person in the class is responsible for one debate position, the class will participate in the Nestorius/Cyril debate (half representing Nestorius, the other half representing Cyril).]

choose one of them and read from the slides to answer the questions in the dock as you were in debate. questions and slides are in the docks.

RMU Website Layout Analysis

I need an assignment about your opinion (and including the notions for graphic design ) : what is done well on the RMU site?

What is done poorly? What changes could be made?. look at both the visual site as well as use the developer tools to dissect the code and layout . The websit is ( please use simple English )

Hipaa and Ethics Case Study

Case Study

Using the scenario provided , please complete the case study based on your knowledge of ethics, HIPPA, HITECH and other standards that apply to technology in nursing practice. I have also attached some materials to help and some sites you can look at to help with the case study.

Websites to View:

Grading rubric

Identifies at least 2 HIPAA Violations (10 pts each) 20 pts

Completes flow chart with 2 outcomes for the case (10 pts each) 20 pts

Identifies leadership behaviors essential to the case 5 pts

Includes worksheet, utilizes provided handout, provides. 5 pts

Personal and Professional Growth and Development discussion

  1. Prepare a 2-3 page, APA formatted introspection paper
  2. Write about your ethical and moral behavior and Christian World View as related to personal and professional growth and development.
  3. The essay must include, as you perceive, expectations that managers should possess in a leadership position within organizations and why?
  4. See APA guide in student resources section, or optional textbook on APA styles for instructions on completing a properly formatted paper.(also attached here)
  5. Students will be required to include an abstract with this assignment submission.

HRMD610 UMUC BT Green Terell Bank Termination Review Memo

2 page paper – APA format with cited sources

Graded Deliverable

Analyze the BT Green case that is separately posted in the Week 3 Assignment folder.Write a memo to the CEO, explaining:

  • what legal risk the company has regarding Mr. Banks’ complaint.In doing this,
    • Identify the specific laws that may pertain to this situation.
    • State the key legal criteria for each law.
    • Analyze whether the details of the case meet the legal criteria, then explain how they do or do not fit.
    • State your conclusion about the legal risk.
  • what your recommendation is for handling the case.In doing this,
    • State your recommendation.
    • Explain your rationale for the recommendation.
    • Identify the advantages for doing it.
    • Identify the disadvantages or risks for doing it.

Presentation criteria

The CEO values your opinion but also likes to know that it is well-grounded; so, use APA to cite appropriate sources for ideas you borrow, for support you use, and for key terms in your analysis. He also expects excellent writing from his staff.This means it should be clearly stated, carry the appropriate tone, be grammatically correct, and be sensitive to his time constraints.Write concisely, limiting your response to a maximum of 2 double-spaced pages of text.