Between the late 18th century and late 19th century

Only have to be like a paragraph or 2 long for each one of those questions.

Between the late 18th century and late 19th century, the range of subject matter and styles of art expands dramatically. Artistic movements emerge, each asserting its own philosophy of what art should be, and what it should look like.

  • During this time period, what conditions in the Western world might have contributed to the broadening of subject matters and differentiation in styles found in art?
  • Review the movements from this period that are discussed in our text. Which movement do you like or “connect with” the most and why?
  • Compare your favorite movement with one that you are less favorable toward and include specific examples from each.

No matter what your age is, you probably know that when rock and roll emerged on the music scene in the 1950’s many people were shocked. Now, that music seems tame and we still listen to it on some “oldies” stations.

You might not know that in the mid 1870’s artwork from the Impressionists movement was also shocking, and for reasons that were not altogether different.

  • Research the critics’ responses to the First Impressionist Exhibition of 1874, and find some information about Academic art, which represented the dominant style in France at that time.
  • In general what was the critical response to the Impressionists’ work?
  • Was it valid?
  • How was the Impressionists’ work different from Academic art? Consider subject matter as well as style.
  • What is the general opinion of Impressionism, today? If it is favorable, why do you think people living today would like Impressionist work?
  • How do you feel about it? Do you have a favorite artist among the group?