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BHR3352 Travel Hospitality Services HR Manager Job description Paper - Freshman Essays

BHR3352 Travel Hospitality Services HR Manager Job description Paper

1. Prepare (a job description) and (job specification) for any one of the job positions provided. You want to follow the video link to understand the nature of the job.

2.a. Prepare a recruitment strategy based on the job description and job specification to recruit the candidates

2.b. Discuss how technology will influence the job (which you have selected) in the future (do not exceed more than 300 words) .

3. Perform a strength and weakness analysis of your skills to assess your skills against the job specification, which you had developed, and prepare a CPD (Continuing Professional Development), plan to overcome your weaknesses.You may want to consider this question while preparing the CPD plan: “Do I possess the required skills to apply myself as a candidate for this position?” If no, discuss how you will develop those skills. (eg. What kind of courses, training, developmental activities will you take up to match the skill levels?). Discuss the time plan. You may want to be more realistic in your plan.

Guidelines for the Forum Post

The word limit for the Forum Post is 1500 words.

There is no structure for the Forum post. You are required to address the three tasks in sequence.

There is neither an introduction nor a conclusion for this task.

You should provide all the materials used as source of reference at the end of your document.


1.Your forum post shall reflect the depth and breadth of your original analyses in a clear and coherent manner.

2.Any reference to authors and other writers shall be quoted with due acknowledgement in your assignment report using the Harvard Referencing System.

3.This forum post must be original and creative. (Don’t cut and paste).