Bibliography Final Research Project

Step 1

Log in to web:

J#: J02052298

password: Jiaoao0002

Step 2

click on the right side there have “My Courses”

click “Winter2017-18_HIST2002_RES_25962: HIST2002: World History Since 1500 RES 25962

click on the right “week 7”

on the week 7 folder there have one assignment called “

Bibliography Final Research Project

And my topic I already pick on week 3 it is :asking how far one historical event was “right” or “wrong” judged by Enlightenment principles. Thesis sentence: From 1966 to 1971, Mao began a wrongful event, the cultural revolution in China, which violated the Chinese human rights, had an uncountable amount of literature and structures destroyed. In addition, this event affected later generations for decades.

*****Project detail on the file called “” ENLIGHTENMENT PROJECT PROPOSAL “”*******