BUS472 Unit 5 Project Management Discussion Lab Project

In this final week, you are conducting project controls and closing out your project. Let’s reflect on what you learned in the course and your intentions on project management certification.

Think about taking the CAPM Certification exam! Review the documentation provided in the course information section of the course and in the Unit 5 introduction on the requirements and steps to take for the certification exam.

Respond to the following questions and prompts:

  • What type of monitor and control tools would you use to ensure you keep your project within scope, on budget, and completed on time?
  • If you were asked by your employer to manage a project:
    • What are your strengths?
    • Where do you need to improve?
  • Test vouchers are available for the Certified Project Manager Associate (CAPM) exam. How would a certification in project management help to build your resume