BUS497 CSUN The Impact of Canceling the NAFTA

Predicting the impact of cancelling the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)

on overall Business Strategy in the California agriculture industry
Key Themes
– Briefly discuss the development, purpose, and formalization of Business Strategy.
-Discuss the role of any relevant public policy and/or government legislation, and the
possible impact on the evolution of Business Strategy, in California agriculture
-Discuss how the end of NAFTA might change the ways that Agri-business Strategy is
developed and implemented in California, over the next 5 to 10 years
– Make specific business policy recommendations for the agriculture industry, over the next
5 to 10 years

IMPORTANT: The overall page length for your memos is a minimum of three (3) and a
maximum of four (4) single-spaced pages.




3-Conclusion and Recommendations


-Font size 12, single spaced, 5 references minimum

-Clear introductory sentence in first paragraph (e.g., “This memo is about /
concerns / will discuss . . . ” etc.)

“Details” section: all important supporting evidence is documented with
references (author or organization, and year) in the body of the memo
– “Details” section: good use of sub-headings to help ideas “jump out” at reader
– “Details” section: good use of white space (one line) between paragraphs
– “Conclusion and Recommendations” section: your recommendations for action
(or “next steps”) are clear and easy to read
-“Bibliography” / “References Cited”: use either APA or MLA format (note, I
might actually read this section first, in some cases!)

**Further instructions are included in the attachments and a sample memo