california politcal system

What one reform to the California state government or constitution, do you think would be best for the people of California in terms of improving their lives?

This reform can be to any aspect of the California political system: The state constitution, the political parties, voting and elections procedures, the state legislature, executive branch, or courts. It should NOT be a specific policy to be implemented (like legalizing marijuana or implementing a single payer healthcare system, or a change in law enforcement practices), but a change to the constitution, politics, or the political system of the state. A policy is like a law, or the way in which a law is implemented. Politics is the process by which laws are created and changed. A reform to the political system that makes policy changes more likely to occur that benefit the people is fine for this essay.

In your essay:

A) Give an introductory paragraph of about 1/3 of a page introducing your reform.

B) In about the 1 page to 1.5 pages, outline 1-3 good, logical reasons why this reform would benefit Californians. Be specific. Do not leave things to common sense. For instance, some individuals propose mandatory voting, but never explain why this would be good for Californians in terms of improving their lives.

C) In the next 1/3 to 1/2 of a page, identify the best reason you can think of that a critic of your reform would use to persuade people that your reform is a bad idea. In this section, you should ‘critique the critique’. Tell me why that critique is either not valid or should be ignored by someone, and that despite it your reform is still worth it for Californians. This requires some thought and introspection.

D) End with a brief concluding paragraph of about 1/3 a page.