Can you write a research paper on Arthur Miller’s The Crucible?, English homework help

This is the last essay due in my college-level English 2 class. Unfortunately, I do not have adequate time to write this as I am working overtime this week. The professor is pretty straight forward. She wants it double spaced, minimum of 2400 words, 6-8 pages long, MLA format with at least 3 in-text citations. She checks for plagiarism via SafeAssign, so please DO NOT plagiarize. Here is the format she would like for the student to use:

Content = 6-8 pages

Works Cited page = 1 page

Assignment instructions:

Discuss how McCarthism and the historical Salem Witch Trials influenced the writing of The Crucible.

You must have at least three references with in-text citations.

You may write your paper in sections; however, you will need a transition to connect the sections to one another.

Section 1. Introduction:

(1/2 page)

Introduce the play and the author/add a short plot of the play/add the topic sentence

Arthor Miller’s inspiration for writing The Crucible came from the events surrounding the McCarthy trials and their similarity to

the historical Salem Witch Trials/you can also add an attention grabber like an interesting fact about the play.

Section 2. Biographical information about Arthur Miller:

(no more than 1/2 page).

Section 3. Salem Witch Trials:

Research the Salem Witch Trials and discuss how innocent people were accused, tried, and convicted of witchcraft. (2-3 pages) You must include the influence of Puritanism. ( you could have a separate section on the influence of Puritanism if you like)

Section 4. McCarthyism:

Research McCarthyism and discuss the impact on our nation. Describe how the events surrounding the McCarthy trials

resemble the way the Salem Witch Trials were conducted. (2-3 pages)

Section 5. Writing The Crucible:

Discuss why Arthur Miller chose to write a play that reflects injustice through sensationalism and wrongful convictions without proof. Discuss why he chose to use the Salem Witch Trials to represent McCarthyism. (1 page)

Section 6. Conclusion:

Restate the main ideas of the essay. (1/2 page)

Reference page (does not count in page total)

Total pages content 6-8

Your paper will be submitted to safeassign for a plagiarism check.