Career Development Counseling

Please answer the following questions with a 2 paragraph answer for each questions. Please number answers, as this does not need to be written in essay format. Please use at least one cited reference for each answer. Textbook link and password will be provided.

1.Develop your own definition of the word work. Using this definition, explain whether you think everyone naturally has a desire to work. Is there any work that is overvalued or undervalued by society? Explain your response.

2. Explore Holland’s RIASEC personality types from the textbook, consider three jobs you know well, explain the top three codes you would imagine are necessary for each job. Describe what would happen if personality types are not matched well with jobs?

3. What are the strengths and limitations an employer may have in providing benefits to employees? How can this impact productivity and retention? Are there reasons not to provide benefits to employees?