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Generally speaking, there are different perceived levels of music in The Middle East. What types of music would be considered halal and what types of music would be considered haram? Why isn’t music typically used in Islamic religious activities? How does the Sufi sect of Islam contradict this generality? Your discussion post should be around 150 words, cover all of the topic points.

how these technologies could be used to build a better community

The goal of this course is to get you thinking about how these technologies could be used to build a better community. Thus, this main project is a design project. The goal for this project is for you — and at partner if you choose — to think of some global issue or problem you would like to address. If you work with a partner, then you need to follow the additional workload requirements indicated by the **.

This problem can occur anywhere in the world, and it can be something that occurs in the online world or in the physical world. You will then choose a specific technology, or combination of technologies, and discuss how they could be used to address or solve that issue/problem the world is facing. Given the affordances and constraints of the technologies discussed in class, create a design to utilize the technologies to effect a positive change on the world around you. You can find links to examples to help you create your project Look at the end of the post.

For this project, you will complete three steps: Idea, Research Paper, and Final Paper.

Idea**: For this first step of the project, write in 100-200 words:

a) what issue and problem you are addressing, and

b) provide brief information on an example you found of someone or some company/organization using any digital communication technology to address/solve the issue/problem.

Make certain to provide the proper reference for the example you provide, so that the example can be found by others. Proper writing technique is also required.


I’m thinking of obesity in north American or in the United states.


what is Biblical Worldview, psychology homework help

Pre-writing 1 Biblical Worldview (Module 1): Before beginning this paragraph, download the “Biblical Worldview Paper Instructions” document from the Assignments page in Blackboard.Read the rationale for the full paper assignment so that you have a grasp of how these pre-writing assignments will progress.

Using chapters 2-3 of the Graham (2009) textbook Teaching Redemptively, write a 150-word paragraph relating the key elements of a biblical worldview.You may choose to use additional references, such as the ones found in the Blackboard instructions document for the Biblical Worldview paper.However, for this pre-writing activity, you are required to have only one reference, which is the Graham textbook, specifically chapters 2-3.

For this paragraph, focus strictly on discussing the core tenets of a biblical worldview.Avoid references to education in this paragraph.In a future paragraph, you will begin to make application to education, but for the purpose of this post, focus strictly on the topic of biblical worldview.Although you may or may not embrace the ideas you are writing about, for this paragraph, present them objectively as you would in a report about what others believe.The intent of this assignment is not for it to be a personal position paper or a critique of ideas.Later in the term, you will have an opportunity to write your own personal philosophy paper, but this assignment is not it.Therefore, avoid first-person pronouns.

Cite in APA format and list your reference at the bottom of your post.(You will be able to see other students’ posts after you make your initial post.)

.The goal of this activity is for candidates to accomplish the following:

  • Convey an understanding of what is meant by a biblical worldview.
  • Support and illustrate this understanding by citing the Bible and other literature on the topic of biblical worldview.
  • Apply principles of a biblical worldview to educational practice.

Articulate key components of a Christian philosophy of education, citing from the Bible and other literature on the topic of Christian philosophy of education

Can you assist me with this discussion?

More and more police labor unions are taking the lead in protecting their members’ safety as they battle the politicians who would compromise it.

Explain how police unions have affected how police departments are run today.

Communication Climate, sociology homework help

Please answer the discussion board question and respond to 2 students, Please be sure to include terms and concepts with proper in-text citations and Reference from the text in your response.

Describe a time when you found it difficult to confirm another person’s idea or opinion when you disagreed with him or her. Considering the information from this unit’s reading, answer the following questions using the text reading to support your points: Why is it important to confirm others? How could you apply the concepts of recognition, acknowledgement, and endorsement to your example? What is the difference between confirming others as people and endorsing particular ideas or behaviors?

from Laqwauna Amos

Hello Prof. and Class,

A time when I found it difficult to confirm another person’s idea or opinion when I disagreed with them is a time when a friend of mine was explaining to me how she thought that it was a good idea to provoke a situation that was already in a bad place. Her decision could have potentially landed her in jail and suggested that she just clearly was not thinking with a level mind. We went back and forth about why and why not her decision was not an intelligent choice. “Buber (1957) believed that all of us need confirmation to be healthy and to grow. The essence of confirmation is feeling known and validated as an individual.” (J. Woods, 2016). I could have applied the concepts of recognition, acknowledgement and endorsement to my situation mentioned by agreeing the fact that I understand how she felt. By Acknowledging her feelings, maybe she would have understood where I was coming from and see that I was the one who was thinking with a level head. The difference between confirming others as people and endorsing particular ideas or behaviors, is allowing the other person to know that they exist and that how they feel also matters. Not agreeing what what they want when it is detrimental to them is not endorsing particular ideas or their unhealthy behaviors.

Reference: Interpersonal Communication, Everyday Encounters 8th Edition. J. Woods, 2016. Retrieved From: https://kaplan.vitalsource.com/#/books/97813055488…

From Alyssa Rojas

Hi everyone,

A time when I found it difficult to confirm another person’s idea or opinion when I disagreed with them was with my brother and his drinking habits. My brother is 19 years old and was friends with a guy that worked at a liquor store that would always allow my brother to buy beer. Every time he drank it was to get drunk, and when he would he became very verbally abuse sometimes physically abuse to anyone who got in his way. I disagree with him drinking especially not even being able to legally that comes with more problems. I do realize its important to confirm his feelings and let him know I care and I am there for him. I could apply the concepts of recognition, acknowledgement, and endorsement to my situation. I can use recognition by showing him not just verbal communication but non verbal communication I can hug him or smile and tell him its for the best to stop. Acknowledging him by keeping eye contact with him while talking to him can help. I don’t think I would be able to endorse his reasoning why he was drinking. The difference between confirming and endorsing is when you are confirming their ideas or feelings you are taking them into consideration and when you are endorsing their ideas or feelings it means you are accepting them.

Anthropology Discussion 3-5 paragraphs

You have to watch some videos and answer the questions in 3-5 paragraphs. The videos are all on Youtube. It is three videos in all. One is called, “What Kind of Asian Are You”. Second one is, “Adam Donye privilege activity”. Last one is, “How microaggressions are like mosquito bites”.

Watch these video. Has any of these Privileges effect you in a positive or negative way? Did any of them make you think about yourself or your own privilege in a different way? Have you ever acted in way that you might think twice before doing it again? Is there better way to talk to people about their identity or social race? Read through others people post and add to the discussion of race a privilege.

consider a person, place or thing that had a major influence on you.

For your first blog, consider a person, place or thing that had a major influence on you. Find a photograph, graphic, or video that captures the feeling of that influence. It might be an actual photograph, a music video, or an inspirational graphic or quotation. Perhaps, you might browse social media like Pinterest or Instagram. Post the photo or graphic along with 300 words sharing what that influence meant to you and its effect on your goals and dreams.

discussion 5


Chapter 10, as well as your required resources, address employee attitudes and suggest that an increase in job performance is reliant on job satisfaction. The authors of our text suggest that highly satisfying jobs are more complex, requiring the worker to utilize a variety of skills and to deal with unpredictable situations (i.e. teaching, managing, engineering, etc.), unlike jobs where the work is repetitive and less thought-provoking (general laborers, factory workers, and the like). In addition, the work expectations are suggested to differ based on generations, which may likely also affect job satisfaction.

  • Consider the generation you fall into, based on the text:
    • The Traditionalists or Matures
    • The Baby Boomers
    • Generation X
    • Generation Y or the Millennials
    • Generation Z
  • Consider your own expectations. Do they align with what the content and outside sources suggest about the characteristics of these generational groups?
  • Applying this component (work expectations), consider you own goals for going back to school. Do your goals align with these expectations?
  • Do you think your educational/career goals align with the suggestions about job satisfaction? Do you desire to obtain a higher-level thinking career? If so, why? If not, why not?
  • After analyzing all of the factors, what do you think the implications might be on an organization’s productivity with the evolving employee expectations, need for work-life balance, and job satisfaction?
    • Do you think we will see changes in the future of how organizations achieve these goals? How?
  • Consider a goal you might assign to a group at your work, the organization where you volunteer, or other potential organization. (Examples: (a) to decrease the errors in timecard submissions, or (b) to successfully submit a group project to the instructor.) Applying Chapter 9, what potential strategies would be important to consider to assist a diverse multi-generational team in deciding on possible strategies and successfully meeting the goal?

Your initial post should be between 350 and 400 words. You must use at least one scholarly, peer-reviewed source that was published within the past five years. Cite all information from your sources according to APA guidelines as outlined in the In-Text Citation Helper: A Guide to Making APA In-Text Citations (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. List each of your sources at the end of your post according to APA style as shown in the sample page for References (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..

Why We Crave Horror Movies

After reading the Stephen King essay in your book, “Why We Crave Horror Movies,” (page 396), analyze his use of examples and comparisons in building his argument. What do you think of his examples? Do you agree with his conclusions? Explain your answer. Initial post of 250 words due Sunday, October 8 at midnight. 10 points. Responses to classmates due by Tuesday, October 10 at midnight.