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Amazon HBR article!



Assignment: Create a one (1) page reflection paper based on the content of the article.

Questions to consider when drafting your paper (you do not have to use any of these):

  1. What aspects of Amazon’s culture give it a competitive advantage and why?
  2. What aspects of Amazon’s culture can cause internal issues for the organization and why?
  3. What is the cost of attrition both short and long term?
  4. How does Jeff Bezos contribute to the culture of Amazon?
  5. Why would some employees thrive at Amazon where others would struggle?
  6. Does the people management strategy of compassion and care make good business sense?
  7. Is Amazon’s employer brand as reported by the New York Times sustainable? Why or why not?
  8. Can or does Amazon’s philosophy of how management treats employees be reflected in how Amazon employees treat customers?
  9. Do customers care about the way employers treat their staff?
  10. What are the pros and cons of pushing staff to be innovative in Amazon’s model?

When drafting your paper, pretend you are submitting your thoughts to a Senior Leader within your organization. As such, you want the information to be concise and to be written as professionally as possible. You do not have to write a traditional paper/essay; use of bullet points are fair game.

Quiz- Correlation and Regression

Correlation and Regression

This quiz assesses your understanding of correlation and regression covered in Week Four. This quiz consists of 10 questions. The amount of time the quiz will take varies by individual.

Select the best possible answer for each multiple-choice and/or true/false question. You will be allowed two hours to complete the quiz once you begin. Once you open this quiz, you must finish it in one sitting. You will have two attempts to take the quiz. If multiple attempts are made, the highest grade earned will be saved. Click on the Take the Quiz button when you are ready to start this quiz. When finished, click on Submit Quiz.

Connecting California reading reflection

All the said requirements will be attached in the document below. Please use the book, Connecting California, to compose about 3 high quality pages of writing. Attached to the bottom of the document will be a set of prompts you may use. Reflect on how the reading relates to your own knowledge, experiences, cultural attitudes, etc. The main topic to cover is the Spanish and Mexican eras in new America. I would like to note that I do NOT have access to the online textbook, so i am asking for someone who has access or can get access to documents of the reading or the reading itself.

Social Structure Crime And Criminal Punishment Assignment 4

For this assignment, students will create a podcast, an audio recording, or a script.

***Your doing a script!

The selected deliverable will be based on the following scenario: you have been asked to speak to a high school class on the topic of “Does the punishment fit the crime?”

First, explain the types of crimes and the types of punishments that exist.

Second, provide an ethical explanation for the relationship between crimes and punishments in the United States.

To complete this assignment, review the Crime and Punishment Assignment Rubric document.

Textbook: Criminal Law Today, pp. 103-106, Chapters 5 and 6 (focus on specific sections identified below)

This reading discusses various defenses that are used by persons charged with a crime. Justifications for each defense will be explored. Specific criminal offenses will also be examined. In chapter 6, be sure to focus your reading on the following sections: The Insanity Defense and Civil Commitment.

To acess textbook


Password MaX0802!

Screening and Selecting Internal Candidates


You have written a job description for CapraTek’s regional sales representative positions and determined job requirements. Now it is time to determine testing methods and choose the top three candidates to interview.


After reviewing the CapraTek regional sales representative job description and requirements you developed for Assessment 5, use the Candidate Selection media piece to review the candidates’ resumes. In a 5–6 page report, include the following in your explanation of the candidate selection process:

  • Explain why and when candidate background checks will be authorized.
    • Identify pre-employment screening tests for the position being recruited.
    • Articulate possible legal issues associated with candidate screenings.
  • Select assessment methods to use based on the job being recruited and the budget available.
    • Develop the sequence in which methods will be used to screen applicants.
    • Explain how technology will impact choice of screening and selection methods.
  • Design a final candidate selection process for the position being recruited.
    • Describe the method you would use to make your final hiring decision (compensatory, hurdles, weighted, et cetera).
    • Determine which candidates meet the basic job requirements.
    • Identify the top three candidates to interview for the position.
    • Explain your rationale for why the selected candidates should be interviewed.

Additional Requirements

  • Times New Roman font, 12 point.
  • Double-spaced, typed pages.

Media Journal Assignment Instructions

incorporating external sources is not necessary, but if you did/do, please cite them in APA format. I am not picky, just want to see effort if you decide to incorporate a source or two into your essay. You can Google “Purdue Owl APA” to find their APA formatting site. Again, the only area that should be cited is the essay, not the journal.

Economics response

Read the following article and answer the questions below:

Here are the discussion questions following your reading of the article “Cow’s Milk Found in Breast Milk Sold Online” by Shuka Kalantari.

1. Market is buyers and sellers transacting with one another. A market in breast milk, a precious commodity, is developing and expanding. The internet offers a new platform for these transactions. Consider the following two events and their impact on the market:

(a) New scientific studies demonstrate the numerous health benefits of breast milk for babies and mothers.

(b) Technological progress allows more premature babies to survive.

How do these two effects affect the market? What should happen to the price of breast milk? (Hint: think of the supply and demand diagram.)

2. Milk banks such as Mother’s Milk Bank in San Jose accept donations from moms (i.e. moms donating milk are not paid), pasteurize the breast milk and sell it. Yet milk banks are running out of milk. Why? What solution would you propose?

3. Ms. Sakamoto of the Mother’s Milk Bank notes that studies show that breast milk sold on the breast milk markets risks being contaminated with cow milk etc. She says that “these studies show that if moms are paid for their breast milk, these are the kind of problems we will see.” Do you agree with Ms. Sakamoto? Explain using economic thinking.

4. How would you solve problem of contamination risk in the breast milk market?

Right to Counsel


The right to counsel exists under the Sixth Amendment. The way in which that right applies to indigent defendants has been the subject of extensive litigation. Roots of the modern right to counsel for indigent defendants date back more than a century. Understanding line-drawing is very important. The line-drawing has evolved over time. A key starting point in determining when the right attaches is understanding what constitutes a critical stage. From there, an indigency determination must be made by the court within Sixth Amendment parameters.

In your main response, address the following:

  1. Summarize how the right to counsel has evolved at the state and federal levels through court interpretation of the Sixth Amendment.
  2. Explain the implications of failing to comply with the Sixth Amendment during a critical stage of the case process.
  3. Illustrate how philosophical underpinnings and public policy influenced the U.S. Supreme Court in key Sixth Amendment right-to-counsel decisions.

Application Of Linear Graphs And Algebraic Expression In Business

Identify a key concept or foundational theory from the first four weeks of class and in half a page discuss how it applies to your current work environment or a recent social, political or business event. Include the chapter and sub topic from your textbook.

These are the chapters

Ch.1. Introduction to Real Numbers and Algebraic Expressio

  • Ch.2. Solving Equations and Inequalities
  • Ch.3. Graphs of Liner Equations
  • Ch.4. Polynomials: Operations