Ch. 2 Vishnu Purana and Ch. 3 Egyptian mythology

There are two chapters covered in this writing prompt: Ch. 2 Vishnu Purana and Ch. 3 Egyptian mythology

A-What is the historical and cultural background to the Hindu Creation myth? What are the names of the Gods that signify the cycle of birth, death and rebirth in the lives of practicing Hindus? What is “ultimate reality” according to the Hindu religion? Use text from the creation myth and from your own research outside of the iBook to make connections-I’d look at some of the Hindu holidays to get good examples of how the myths inform the lives of Hindus today.
B-Egyptian Cosmogony-Give the historical/cultural background into the Egyptian myth and explain what is meant by a “hierarchy” between the Gods and the people of Egypt? Use the text to demonstrate what you mean.

*Use simple words and clear sentences

*Avoid plagiarism

*I have uploaded a PowerPoint that could help you to answer these questions!Auwn1ma8E-65iBRamLoXxtfRr3tm

* Citation and sources are required