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Chapter 1 - Sociology in the Real World: Society's Impact on You - Freshman Essays

Chapter 1 – Sociology in the Real World: Society’s Impact on You

Chapter 1 – Sociology in the Real World: Society’s Impact on You

The sociological perspective involves analyzing human behavior within its broader social context. In other words, sociologists look at how the large-scale social structure impacts our lives. Your assignment is to examine your life using the sociological perspective. Choose three macro-level forces that have influenced your life.

Use examples from your life to help illustrate each concept. For example, the neighborhood where you grew up plays an important part in shaping your behavior. Think about how the house you lived in, your neighbors, or even the town influenced your life.

I am looking for you to accurately apply terms from the textbook in your paper to demonstrate your understanding of the sociological concepts.

Here are some macro-level factors as suggestions (you may use others):

  • government
  • religion
  • economy
  • family (nuclear family and/or extended family)
  • friends
  • education
  • culture
  • media
  • organized extracurricular activities (soccer, band, ballet, gymnastics, mock trial, etc.)
  • neighborhood
  • work (volunteer work, job, unpaid responsibilities)

-use your own word please and DO NOT COPY ANYTHING ON LINE! I will be turn in this home work in turn it in! Please Use easy grammar and you you are all wodd to answer all these questions.

-must be complete by complete sentences and one question lease 5 sentences!

-if you need books to answer the questions I will sensed to you.

-use easy grammar and easy to understand! Please

———————————————————————Next, read and respond to at least two other students’ posts.

1.The three macro-levels that influenced me throughout my life would have to be: religion, neighborhood and work.

Religion as always been apart of my life, whether I wanted it to be or not. My family would attend mass every Sunday, participate in winter shelters and volunteer our summers to help raise money during the annual fair. Although I dreaded it growing up (like any kid I would imagine) it did teach me meaningful lessons that I still believe in today. The church taught me to be considerate to others, to treat as you would want to be treated and to be grateful for life itself and what it has to offer. Macro-levels are zooming out and looking at larger social structures and to see how it affects smaller groups and individuals. This is how religion affected me.

I grew up in a not so nice neighborhood in LA. As Adriana Hernandez said in her writing, it wasn’t always so hipster. Using macro-level thinking I can now understand why I am the way I am. Where my home and my school were, there was a lot of violence and tension. I wasn’t scared of the place, because it was my home but I learned how to get by. I learned if I mind my own business, keep my head down and do what I had to do ill be fine. And it was true for me. My surroundings and the people in it taught me exactly what not to do; the ones that were getting into trouble were my guidelines onto how to stay out of it.

I got my first job fairly young I was a sophomore in high school. Being so young people might have not taken me seriously at first but it didn’t matter to me because I used what I had learned from religion and my past neighborhood. But having a job teaches you another wide range of traits to adopt as well. It teaches you how to be fast, how to be efficient and how to time manage.

2.Viewing the society from the point of a social analyst, I believe my friends has an influence on who I am today. Me and my best friends have known each other in junior year of high school and we remained best friends ever since. Examine it from the micro- level, I realize the personalities traits have similarities among us, for instance we all like to keep to ourselves a lot of times and just do our own things. We joined together to hang out and chat once in a while when we feel to need to either express ourselves and be each other’s psychologist and solving what bothering each other. Examining it from a macro perspective, the whole school is divided up in a similar fashion and even within the ‘Chinese group’ there are many sub-groups that are divided geographically.

Culture also have a lot to do with how I view myself and society at large. Thinking sociologically, I have experience the culture shock when I first arrived in U.S. when I was 11 years old, although I wasn’t firmly set in Chinese culture, still I spent a great portion of my childhood growing up in it and everything in America seems foreign to me. American culture focus more on independence for which I believe is a great way to learn the necessary social skills. I have to not just deal with the language adaptability, but also with the way how people think and behave. This new way to see the ‘new world’ helped me to see my old culture objectively and learn to adapt to the new culture with less heartache.

Media also played an important part in my teenager years mainly because I spent many hours watching television. This way to spent time off from school almost become my entire hobby since I lack playmates or friends that are also interested in outdoor activities. WWE become my favorite thing to watch on TV, Sci-Fi channel is also one of my favorite. By watching these shows and movies, I achieved a state called collective effervescence because I joined the people in the arena through TV. I felt I belong in that particular group called WWE fans and felt extremely