chapter 3 Escalation and Gender, English homework help

3rd assignment:

So, for this assignment, you’ve done paper 1 and 2 for me. He has edited the 2nd paper and i’ve attached the annotated version for you. Now, we have to add an additional 2-3 more pages to the paper ive attached but on Escalation and Gender while still incorporating the SPITCROW.

Short paper 3 – 2-3 pages in total 7-9 (chapter 3 Escalation and Gender), Due Date Friday, April 13th

  • Make all corrections suggested in my previous comments.
  • Identify conditions that encourage escalation of your conflict. What role has gender and/or civil society played in the conflict?

If your conflict took place in the past when gender and/or civil societies did not play mayor role, than think how present conditions would affect your conflict of choice!

Your paper will be evaluated for its creativity, strength of logical argumentation, and understanding of the readings.