Child Development Observation

I need two different versions of this paper one for me and one for my friend. It must be 100% different we are u the same class and the same teacher.

Toddler & Child Observation

Purpose: To analyze and examine why children behave the way they do; to learn why milestones are important; and compare the observation findings (data) to child development academic research and use theory to support your findings.

  • 1) You will observe ONE child –who must be at least 2 years old but not older than 5 years for at least 45 minutes from Child Development Center on campus.
  • 2) You will write a minimum of a 3-page report examining your findings compared to the observation research and applying a specific theory to your findings.
  • 3) You must include the following analysis in your summary:

    • a) Compare and contrast your observation findings to the appropriate age group milestones
    • b) Critically examine and compare the observation findings to academic research and theory (Scholarly journals or books; scholarly= peer reviewed, an author’s name & year of publication)
    • c) Cite using APA, 6th edition.

These items must be in the paper:

  • 1) Identify the child using a made-up name to practice confidentiality. The name must be a real name not a letter, or number.
  • 2) What was the activity that the children were doing…describe with detail
  • 3) What are the milestones for this age
  • 4) Did the child demonstrate any milestones during your observation; what were they and how do they compare to the research
  • 5) Proper citations using APA including a reference page (minimum of 3 academic references, textbook counts as one)
  • 6) All observation notes you make while at the Center

You are expected to:

  • a) Use APA, 6th edition writing style.
  • b) Use academic language with proper grammar, punctuation and demonstrate strong effort of analysis
  • c) Have a reference page with 3 or more references which match the in-text references made in the report
  • d) Not expected: Running head, title page, abstract

DO NOT interact with the child during the observation. Simply observe and take notes. Follow the rules of the Children’s Center.

DO NOT make assumptions about the child. Only write about what you saw—compare and contrast what you saw to the research on this age.