Child tantrum practical assignment.

I. Watch a short video demonstrating a 3 year old child behavioral pattern within a child-mother relationship context:

II. Answer the questions:

  1. What provoked a conflict between the mother and her child?
  2. Identify and briefly describe the maternal behavioral tactics used to stop the child’s tantrum.
  3. Are the mother’s tactics effective? Explain.

III. Requirements:

  1. Express your ideas briefly, clearly, to the point.
  2. Your report (answers for all 3 questions) should have 600-800 words. If you submit less, your work will be considered incomplete; if more, 10 points will be taken off.
  3. At least two Internet articles should be found to support your ideas in this report

In every answer, main statements/key phrases/key words should be formatted as bold face. For example, “To calm the child, the mother gave him a pacifier.”

Main statements/key words/key phrases in each your answer should be formatted as bold face.

If you do not follow requirements, 10 points will be taken off.

DO Not Plagiarize!