Childhood Abuse and Neglect Booklet

You have been hired by the school district to create a community awareness booklet on abuse and neglect that will be distributed to the students, parents, and teachers in the school district.

Create, as a team, a 5- to 7-page abuse and neglect awareness booklet describing the causes and symptoms associated with the five main types of abuse and neglect: physical, social, emotional, sexual, and child exploitation.

Include the following information for each type of abuse: 1-4 sentences each bullet. 1/2 page total

  • Definition
  • Causes and symptoms
  • Statistical information regarding its prevalence
  • Real-life examples of ways this type of abuse or neglect may appear
  • Ways to identify abuse and characteristics to look for in extrafamilial abuse
  • Local or national resources for perpetrators and victims of abuse

Format your booklet consistent with APA guidelines.