Choose one of the filmmakers below and write, film homework help

Choose one of the filmmakers below and write a 750-word research paper about their career. In the course of your answer: 1) please give a brief biography of the filmmaker (two to three sentences at most); 2) discuss their work in general, making sure to cover their style and themes addressed in the films; and 3) pick two of their films and discuss each in depth (watching each film in its entirety). The in-depth discussion of these works should address both the formal qualities and style of their films and the larger social meaning of the work. Also include any other information that you find relevant to understanding the work of your chosen filmmaker.


Vittorio De Sica

Jean Renoir

Akira Kurosawa

Federico Fellini Jean Luc Godard Agnes Varda Abbas Kiarostami Jorgen Leth

Lars Von Trier Lynne Ramsey Thomas Vinterberg Fernando Merilles Hou Hsiao-hsien