Civilization in Ancient Societies: The Ancient Egypt’s Inventions


Please write an essay on the given questions below. Your essay should incorporate at least four primary sources. It should have a central thesis-that is the main point or central claim stated in the first sentence-and a coherent argument. Please identify your sources by name or author but not by number. In total, your response should incorporate at least twelve different sources.

As you craft your response, start by reviewing the most relevant primary sources and identify particular quotes or passages within each source that will help you address the question. Based on your review, begin by thinking of individual words you might use to respond to the question and then draft a sentence that directly answers it. In your essay, try to incorporate the brief quotes you identified (using quotation marks and page number citations) into your argument.


Your essay should be between 1500-2000 words in APA style.

This essay is due by 11:55 pm. Due Date: Sunday, April 4, 2019.

Essay topics

1. What were the major achievements of the Egyptians? How did they influence later societies?

2. Discuss the nature of Harappan society. What makes this society so unique? Compare it to other contemporary ancient societies.

3. Examine the changing social structure of ancient India. How did Hinduism mirror the social complexity of India? What role did the caste system play?

4. Discuss the influence of ancient China. What ancient innovations continued to shape Chinese thought over the centuries? How did the ancient Chinese influence their neighbors?