CLC assignment, Psychology homework hlep

This is a Collaborative Learning Community (CLC) assignment.

As a group, develop four fictional individuals who may seek career counseling, be sure to include:

  • Basic demographics such as age, sex, race, and education
  • Career development thus far
  • Reason for entering career counseling
  • Any unique problems that may influence the counseling session (e.g., disability, economic problems, emotional problems)

Part 2: Matching Fictional Characters with Theory

Match each fictional character to one of the five theories covered

  • Holland’s RIASEC personality types
  • Job Satisfaction and the Influence of Race and Ethnicity on Career Choice
  • Super’s Life-span Life-space Career Theory
  • Social Cognitive Career Theory
  • Career Construction Theory

Using the theory matched with the fictional character, write a brief explanation of how you would present the theory to the individual.

Using the theory explained to that individual, state the basic steps you will utilize to provide career counseling for the individual, consider including:

  • Information needed for the initial assessment
  • Tools utilized in the assessment process
  • Steps in the career development process
  • Two resources the client may find useful
  • Assignments client needs to perform in order to progress in their career development

Part 3: Presentation

Create a 12-15-slide presentation that captures the following:

  • The four fictional characters
  • An explanation of how you would explain one of the five theories covered in class to each fictional character
  • The basic steps that would be utilized to provide career counseling to each fictional character


Brown, Steven; Lent, Robert. Development and Counseling – Putting Theory and Research to Work. Hoboken: John Wiley & Sons Inc., 2013.