Clinical Fictional Character

Choose a fictional character (e.g., from a book, movie, TV show) that presents with a psychosocial problem (e.g., depression, relationship problems, incarceration).

2-3 page

For this I chose the movie: Antwone Fisher

This assignment requires you to:

Determine a clinical, formal diagnosis for this character using the criteria of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder (DSM-5).

Then choose three words that best describe the diagnosis. These three words should distinguish this diagnosis from Any other diagnosis.

The paper should:

A brief description of the fictional character and story

A description of the presenting problem of the fictional character

Your full clinical diagnosis using the DSM-5; consider the criteria supporting your diagnosis, the severity and specifiers (if appropriate) and Z Codes.

Include the rationale behind choosing the three words to best describe the diagnosis. The three words you have chosen for your diagnosis should also fit this individual’s mental disorder.

A description of any visual aid or props you would use if you had to present this diagnosis with to someone who had a disability and needed visual clues to understand your presentation.