Codes and Standards Process in a Nursing Home, sociology homework help

Discussion 1: How would you use the code and standards process when asked to develop a fire protection plan for a nursing home? Explain your answer.

One thing you would need to know is what code has been adopted by the community.For the purpose of this discussion board you can use NFPA 1 and NFPA 101.However some communities may use other codes as well.

Discussion 2:

What types of fire protection systems would you expect to find in a nursing home? Explain the benefits of the systems in relation to occupant safety?

Consider the life safety issues with the residents of this type of occupancy.What might they be doing?Sleeping, eating?Also are they able to escape on their own?

Chapter 2: “Fire Protection Systems and the Model Code Process”

Building and fire codes provide uniform and consistent standards and guidelines for all parties to maintain public safety in buildings. Although design professionals, contractors, and government and fire officials deal with codes and standards every day, many do not know or understand the process by which these codes and standards evolve. To understand the origin of building, fire, and life safety-related issues and requirements, it is important to know how the code and standards development process works.