Cognitive development in the early years- Homework Question

Choose the best answer for each question. After choosing the best answer, write a short description on why that answer is correct.

1. Which of the following statements does not reflect contemporary critiques of Piagetian theory that have experimental support?

a. Progress in intellectual development is often domain-specific.

b. Preschoolers may be capable of more advanced cognitive tasks than Piaget had specified.

c. Infants may have a rudimentary understanding of object permanence earlier in infancy than Piaget suspected.

d. Infants frequently have the ability to mentally represent objects at birth.

2. Jacinta, the mother of a 10-month-old baby boy, is concerned about her son’s increasing fussiness when she leaves him with his babysitter each morning. Whose opinion of the situation is most consistent with what you have learned about infant cognitive development?

a. Jacinta’s sister, who believes the baby has been spoiled by too much attention and now has difficulty separating.

b. Jacinta’s mother, who believes the baby must have a physical problem that is causing him to be clingy.

c. Manuel, the baby’s father, who believes the boy must not like his babysitter.

d. Jacinta’s neighbor, who says her children went through this stage and Jacinta should try to be understanding and maintain a consistent environment.

*If you have any questions please let me know* *These two questions are from a graduate level, so please answer best as possible*