Colonial Army 1750s to 1780s

We will examine the French and Indian War, its causes, its course, and its consequences. France and Britain will fight for mastery of North America once and for all, which will end with a British victory but a massive debt that will nearly bankrupt the British Empire. The desperate attempt to pay it off led the British to impose disastrous new taxes on the colonists (who had no representation in Parliament) and oppressive trade and customs inspection regulations that steadily alienated the colonists. The result will be the American Revolution and independence.

Within this unit, you were placed within the time frame of 1750s to 1780s. Imagine that you were living during this time and you, or a family member if you wish, have enlisted in the Colonial Army. What is the general reaction of your family to this decision? Are you (or the enlisted) a part of any special population, region, minority, or other distinction? How does your population, region, minority, or other distinction impact your experience and morale? Will the family stay at home or follow the camp?

Your reflection paper will need to be a minimum one page in length. All sources used must be cited and referenced. Paraphrased or quoted material must have accompanying citations per 6th edition APA format.

All references must be on a separate page.

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