Comlete English Comp Discussion Post NO PLAGIARISM

Draft and Syllabus attached

Revision Plan

This week, you will consider how to improve your paper. First, review the Course Objectives (from the syllabus, and weekly “Getting Started” modules) to remind yourself about the goals of this course. Next, review the tips for revision, editing, and proofreading from the reading this week. Now consider the feedback you received on your rough draft. In your initial post to this discussion forum, discuss your rough draft in terms of the following Course Objectives:

  • Finding Sources
  • Analyzing Published Works
  • Using APA Style
  • Effective Writing
  • Presenting an Argument

Identify three ways that you will apply what you have learned from the reading (be specific) to help you create the final draft of your paper (the researched argument, Week 8 assignment). Your discussion should display your knowledge of the reading.