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Student one, CJ: At my current job I am a student lead and all of the workers get along pretty well. Me and my supervisor are well acquainted and because of this we have a give/give relationship. Sometimes she buys me food when we’ve had a great week and I accomplish all of the tasks that makes her job easier. We also offer to do certain tasks for one other when one of us is feeling kind of lazy, but the tasks are to be completed by the both of us. This relationship can get a little complicated when my supervisor feels like she can make me do tasks that are to strictly be completed by her. She gets a bit comfortable with me doing things for her and tries to get over on me. When I first accepted this position, I didn’t mind because I didn’t know the tasks I was doing weren’t required of me. I now let her know that I will not be doing things that are not a part of my job description just to make her day a breeze by simply declining when she asks. This was a shocker to her at first but now she knows that if she wants me to do her work she’ll have to bribe me with something.

To maintain a trusting relationship between me and my supervisor Lexis Clark suggests a few ways to confidently build trust in your relationships. Number one is staying honest, we do not have to expose everything about one another but being dishonest will do more harm than help. Effectively communicating is number two, lack of communication can be a learned thing but if each party is putting forth direct effort the results are limitless. Avoiding Self Promotion is the last thing I’m going to mention, it is important to be grateful for the presence of one another and to recognize the efforts being put forth to keep the relationship going. If me and my supervisor are able to apply these things to our relationship the complications we have will be diminished if not eliminated fully.

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Student two, MH: A business relationship where you receive benefits from a mutual trust can both have their pros and cons. Having sufficient tension in a relationship to avoid being taken advantage of could be solved in many different ways but we as humans, tend to find the easiest way out. I work for an automotive supplier and those who are full-time have benefits but only one that I know of. The one benefit that I know about is the amount of sick/leave days they’re allowed to have throughout the year. When I first arrived there, they all thought I was a “rookie” and took advantage of me so they would call off constantly and I would get stuck with all their work, which was frustrating to me so I had a meeting with my boss and told him I can’t handle three of my co-workers work that is assigned to them. My boss knew that they were taking days off and he was sick of it and wrote all of them up because they abused their benefits. When I am granted that benefit, I will avoid taking days off unless I really need them. Coming into a new job labeled as a “rookie” just makes me want to work harder just so I can earn my teams respect. On the other hand, the dark side consequences matters on the type of situation. For example, if I walk around the plant and see that people are not doing things correctly and I just decide not to document it down, the consequences of that are on my head as a worker because I was given a specific task that I did not correctly fulfill and now my job is on the line. Working with buyers is difficult at times because if they want a certain amount of units produced for the next year they are gonna trust me on all of that and put my team, my boss, and myself responsible and later he/she earning our trust. Overall, as an employee that just started at his first internship, being a good leader and showing an good example of how things should be done will benefit me later down the road.

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