Complete 3 page Essay about a Family Loss

PLEASE NOTE: The Reaction Paper cannot have any references. This paper is to be your own work -philosophical thoughts.

Do not use references from the internet, books, journals, etc. Anything used from another source will be considered ‘plagiarism’.

The reaction paper is worth 10% of your overall course grade. Instructions are as follows:

1. A cover page is required (Title, your name, date, course)

Paper must be in WORD format, double-spaced, 1 inch margins, 12 font..

2. Minimum three page paper (less the cover page) presenting your experience with a LOSS. Remember a LOSS does not necessarily have to be a death. MY LOSS IS MY GRANDMOTHER WHO LIVE IN GA, WHO I WAS VERY CLOSE WITH…SHE HELPED RAISE ME AS MY MOTHER HAD ME AT A YOUNG AGE….SHE DIED FROM COMPLICATIONS OF A STROKE…SEHE WAS MT ROCK AND MY FAMILY TOOK IT VERY HARD.

Discuss how the loss impacted you, your family, community, etc. Did the Stages of Grief apply? Did religious beliefs dictate the type of funeral?, etc.

3. Paper must contain as many words from the Lecture Notes; e.g., type of family structure, culture, religion, folkway, funeral rite, disposition, etc.

4. Use as much information from the course in your paper as possible. Grading will be determined by your understanding and application of course material incorporated into your paper.