Complete Biblical Assignment 4.6



For this assignment, you will complete a major revision of the Gilman essay you wrote for workshop 3.

Upon successful completion of this assignment you will be able to:

  • Identify various literary devices (such as characterization, setting, and/or symbolism)
  • Explain how literary devices are used to communicate truths about humankind (and perhaps about God) in a work of fiction.
  • Construct an organized, coherent, specifically supported literary analysis.
  • Analyze the message of a literary text using specific biblical principles.



  1. Start early in the week. Your instructor has been encouraged to grade and return feedback on last week’s draft of this paper as early as day two of the workshop, but no later than day four.
  2. First, review any feedback your instructor has given you on your thesis, topic sentences, and/or general statement of evaluation. Revise those sentences accordingly. Then, if your instructor has suggested that any of your Gilman or biblical support quotations are missing or not effective, find appropriate replacements using the digital websites provided in the Resources above.
  3. Let your paper rest.
  4. Next, make revisions in response to all other suggestions given by your instructor (on last week’s draft) except for those related to editing (i.e., do not make spelling, punctuation, grammar, or APA formatting/documentation changes yet). Pay special attention to your applications, making sure every one contains key quotation words and key thesis theme.
  5. Let your paper rest.
  6. Use the Literary Analysis Structural Outline to perform one more content check on your paper, trying to make sure your paper is fulfilling the principles of that outline as fully as possible.
  7. Proofread your paper: ideally, you should print it out and read it out loud to a friend or family member.