Complete Citizenship Short Blog about Video and Leadership

Prof. Dean Williams – Leadership

Start at 2:11and Stop at 42:29

Take a listen to help supplement the readings from Real Leadership and understanding leadership challenges and adaptive challenges. Although, this video talks specifically about the Fractured World book, Professor Williams share similar concepts from our book and provides several leadership examples and scenarios.

Prof. Ronald Heifetiz – Adaptive Leadership & Challenges

Introduction to Adaptive Challenges. Introduced concept by Prof. Dean William in Real Leadership. Dean and Ron work together. Sound is better on this one too.

Video: Heifetiz delivered this address Oct. 14, 2008, at the Convocation & Pastors School at Duke Divinity School.

-Write your thoughts on what adaptive leadership is?

– Provide a scenario where your leadership failed? Can you identify what kinda of leadership challenge you faced? Or misdiagnosed? What would you have done differently? Reference Williams Readings and or Videos.

-Can you define what real leadership is not? (Williams Readings and Videos)