Complete Short Technical Task

Students will develop two to three page (one page if you are a distance student and working independently) research proposal(please do not attempt to submit an entire paper) where you propose to develop an education app and/or identify an existing app (that may not be well known). You will also need to discuss how it can be properly implemented into the classroom. You will be addressing a pertinent educational need and utilize these instructional aids to fulfill this need on (K-12 or collegiate levels)The proposal must consist of a title, need, overview, major points, and summary.

See below for Example (you cannot use this title or content):

Title: “The Ever-Note App: A great tool organization and research in graduate education” (You should identify own app (if you will develop one or discuss one that currently exist) —my title is just an example)

Need: As society increases its demand on technology; especially, in the educational arena (Murphy, 2017). There is a need for……. (you should 3-5 sentence, minimum here)

Overview: Mobile device apps are an innovative channel that enables connectivity with minimal effort. Technological innovation helped to promote this form of educational use by…..(you should 3-5 sentence, minimum here)

Major points (This can be 3-5 bullet points you plan to discuss in your research paper):

1) Define and Discuss demand for app

2) Discuss which grade levels and possibly subject matter that app enhances learning

3) Describe pros and cons of app (give specific examples)

4) Etc.

Summary: Summarize your expected outcomes for this study in 5 sentences (minimum).