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Comprehensive Case Presentation - Freshman Essays

Comprehensive Case Presentation

Assessment Instructions

Create and record a slide presentation with accompanying verbal narration, which comprises a comprehensive synthesis of your research and recommendations concerning ethical and cultural considerations of a case study and a research-based plan to resolve the case.

While examining your previous assessments and making decisions about the essential information that will be presented, it is recommended that you begin by creating an outline and comparing it to the Comprehensive Case Presentation Scoring Guide to ensure you have specifically taken into account and addressed all of the grading criteria in detail.

Slideshow Instructions

You may use PowerPoint to create this slideshow, or if you wish, you may use Prezi or some other option. However, PowerPoint is best supported by the resources provided. You are responsible for making your presentation work.

For each assessment you have written in the course thus far, create 8–10 slides that provide a high-level explanation or summary. In other words, you should create a minimum of 24 slides, plus a title slide, introduction slides, conclusion slides, and references slides. Use a clear and concise structure.

  • Title slide: On the first slide, enter:
    • A brief presentation title. Your name.
    • Course number and title.
    • Capella University.
    • FlexPath instructor’s name.
  • Introduction slides: Provide a brief introduction to your presentation. Describe what you will be discussing in your presentation.
  • Content slides: Provide a high-level overview of the salient points from Assessments 1–3.
  • Conclusion slides: Briefly summarize your presentation. Provide a concise summary about the topics addressed.
  • Reference slides: List all references cited in your presentation.

All slides should include presenter notes (a minimum of three paragraphs) of what you will say for each slide. You may use information directly from your previous assessments when writing presenter notes. However, entries should be edited so that they are written as if you are speaking to an audience or a potential employer, for example. You can utilize the presenter notes when recording the audio piece of the presentation.

When submitting to Turnitin, please copy the slides and presenter notes to a Word document. Submit the Word document to Turnitin.

Voice-Over Instructions

Your presentation should include a comprehensive audio voice-over presenting essential information for each slide. Elements of good verbal delivery include:

  • Appropriate volume and clear pronunciation.
  • Avoidance of audible fidgeting and distracting interjections.
  • Variety of intonation and pacing and appropriate use of pauses.

Important: Before you record your presentation, it is recommended that you allow ample time to practice your presentation until you are comfortable with these elements.