Correlation Not Causation Story Telling With Tableau Presentation

Instructor Guidance/Directions


Power point rule of 7

Correlation – not causation


PPT final presentation – visualizations

Now that you’ve got the data set chosen and a story to go along with it, you’ll need to create visualizations that will support your story. It’s okay if you need to adjust your story a bit as you explore the data visualizations and realize new things about the data that you may not have seen before.

Using Tableau – create at least 7-10 different visualizations associated with your data that help to tell your story for the audience you’ve chosen.

Power Point Presentation – Begin to create your presentation (power point, please) and copy/paste your visualizations – one per slide.

  • Copy/paste visualizations from Tableau to PPT (at least 7 slides with visualizations, a cover slide, an agenda slide, and a references slide.)
  • Vlsualization slides – On each of these slides you should have the visualization and at least two – five high level points (ppt rule of 7 – no more than seven words per bullet). Make these slides presentable as though you were showing them to executives for decision making purposes. This will be the start of your final presentation on your data.
  • You should also have detailed notes below each of the visualization explaining what these slides are telling the audience. Not APA format – just notes on the slide and what you’d tell the audience. (At least 200 words per slide).

Remember, be careful not to assume that correlation is causation. Review the video above for further explanation.