COUNSELINg journal (college scope)

Week 2 Instructions

Week 2: College Awareness

Reminder, all weekly module activities are due Sunday night by 11:55 pm!

You have successfully completed Week 1 Module and now onto the second weekly module! CONGRATULATIONS! Last week you took the Do What You Are (DWYA) and Multiple Intelligence (MI) career assessments in CollegeScope. Remember, you can go back over your Assessments by clicking on the CollegeScope in any of the Modules. You will see your assessments under Assessments. You can download your full report and see matching careers you chose as your interests. Remember to use these assessment results for your final career research paper in this class. For this week’s Discussion, you will further explore your personality type by writing about your personality type (you will want to go back to your assessment to review your type.

This week in CollegeScope, you will complete Chapter Two, College Awareness. You will learn about the many resources our campus has to offer you. Below is the point break down of the assignments and activities due this week. Have a great week!

Chapter Two – College Awareness

  • CollegeScope Chapter 2
    • Journals in College Scope = 10 pts
    • Quiz Chapter 2 = 10 pts
  • Discussion Wk 2 – Exploring your Personality Type = 10 pts
  • Total Points for Week 2 = 30 pts

Websites and Resources

  • Jung’s Personality Assessment (Here is a shortened version of the DWYA assessment you took in CollegeScope–you can give this one to friends and family to compare. You can also compare this one with the DWYA assessment you took in Week One)
  • The Personality Page (This is an excellent site and I’ll have you review this one in this weeks Discussion. Check our your Portrait, type in relationships and type in Career Development.)
  • Personality Type Cans (very entertaining – Click on Type Cans and watch a short video that explains type)
  • Internet Sites on Personality