Critically analyze a woman who played a key role in London

Throughout the history of London women, although not always acknowledged, have played many key roles in shaping some of the milestone moments in the capital’s history. Critically analyse a group of women or a woman who has played a critical role in an important moment in London’s history which still has lasting influence today.

In your answer, clearly and briefly identify the woman or the women’s group you are going to write about. Place them in the context of London of that time, and you may have to also include a brief comment about their contemporaries. Make sure you say in what way the woman or the women helped shaped the historic moment or moments. Also include both negative and positive comments in your piece, and the work of writers who may dispute the significance of the person or persons you are talking about.

2,000 word essay, double spaced, using harvard style referencing

You can pick any woman of your choice in history