Critically examine your field of study

1. Provide your instructor with a basic outline of your final paper, including the industry you plan to review, and the resources you plan to include. You may add more resources between this module and the final submission. The industry is nursing or healthcare

2. The purpose of this report is for students to critically examine their field of study. Understanding the global perspective of that field including:

  • Where the field/industry began (why, how, when, etc.)
  • How it has changed since it began (trends, changes, challenges, etc.)
  • Understanding the industry in its current state (different jobs within the field, its economic health, certain locations where it is common, etc.)
  • Projections of where this industry is heading in the future (knowing how to adapt toc changes in that field and making those transitions easily)

Structure of the Report:

  • Cover Sheet (Title, Name, Professor, Date)
  • Table of Contents
  • Body
    • Introduction (Abstract)/Overview of your information
    • Research using Library databases (ex: IBIS)
    • 3 charts or visuals (ex: trend chart, pie chart, infographic)
    • 3 cited quotations from industry experts
    • Summary
    • Works Cited: MLA format

Things to consider including: Force Field Analysis, Interviews of subject matter experts/people in desired career field, and case studies.

Length: 5-8 pages

  • Page count does not include cover page, references page and a table of contents.