Cultural Pluralism Religious Oppression discussion

First Page

How would you define pluralism? Write a 1–2 page essay on pluralism, concentrating on religion and religious oppression.

Use concepts and specific examples from this course, history, current events, the media or other external sources, and the textbook to either support or oppose the following statement:

“Pluralism is the greatest philosophical ideal of our time.”

Second Page

Choose one of the following incidents involving religious freedom.

  • Describe how each of the different perspectives on diversity (Anglo-conformism, melting pot, separatism, and pluralism) would assess the situation.
  • Are the individual’s rights to behave in accordance with their faith in danger of being violated?
  • How do you think the incident should be resolved?
  • Remember to respond to two of your classmates’ initial posts with your own opinions and ideas.

A Jainist student attending public high school has requested that the cafeteria staff clearly list the contents of each dish so that he can be certain he does not eat any animal products.

Native American members of a church want to be allowed to ingest peyote because this drug has historically been part of their religious rituals.

Following his baptism, a Sikh student wants to wear his required symbolic knife (kirpan) to school.

An employee who is a Seventh-Day Adventist wants to be excused from work every Saturday because it is their Sabbath.