Culture and Health Attitudes

The first part of this questionnaire asks you to describe your definition of being healthy and your health-related behaviors. After that, interview someone who is culturally different from you.

What it means to be healthy to you.

Write down your definition of being healthy. What does being healthy mean to you?

List at least three things you are keeping in mind or activities you are doing regularly to maintain your good health. If you are not doing anything, write reasons.


Health Behaviors Questionnaire

What it means to be healthy to a person from another culture.

Describe the person you are interviewing. Include information such as gender, age, occupation, country of origin, length of residence in the United States, if applicable.

Describe this person’s definition of being healthy

Describe at least three things that he or she keeps in mind or is doing regularly to keep good health.

Have his or her attitudes and behaviors in terms of health changed since he or she came to the United States (if applicable)? If he or she said “yes,” describe how they have changed.