Culture-Social Env: Pacific Rim – WWII and Japan’s Role in Modern War

INS-220 Culture & Social Environment: Pacific Rim

Week 1 – WWII and Japan’s Role in Modern War

Two Parts to this assignment:

Part I:

Answer the DQ in 50 words or more (be specific):

Debate the dispute between Russia and Japan over the northern islands. Who has the strongest argument considering international law, historical occupation, and other facets of the argument?

Part II:

Watch the videos Japan: Aggression to Pacifism and U.S.-Japan Alliance: Japan Deploys to War Zone, which can be accessed through the Week One Electronic Reserve Readings.

Write a paper of approximately 500 words that answers the following questions:

* What effects did WWII have on Japan’s military in the modern world?

* How have these rules (and Japan’s constitution) restricted its military and affected the development of its economy and economic policies?

* Compare your personal understanding of your own country’s military purpose to Japan’s self-defense-only shooting policy. How would this make you feel if your country’s military had this type of restriction? How would it affect your government’s military and economic policies?