current events in the news today that relates to psychology

This discussion focuses on current events in the news today that relates to psychology. There are many issues that are discussed in the news today. Some include, childhood obesity (such as First Lady Michelle Obama’s healthy eating initiative), molestation in academic settings (such as the sexual abuse of athletes and boys by the head coach at Penn State), cluster suicides, bullying in schools, and even issues pertaining to young children who participate in beauty pageants. Please choose an article or newscast that DIRECTLY pertains to issues in psychology that you have recently seen or read and discuss it. Discuss the event. Then discuss how it relates to psychology. Provide your own psychological analysis of the event, using the psychological principles we are learning in this course.


Students must write all responses using their own thoughts and words. If one uses a theory or information from Internet websites or other resources to support their thoughts, position, or opinion that information must be cited using APA format and a bibliography. Please note that the purpose of the assignment is to discuss one’s own thoughts about a topic, so, use of resources is not encouraged. If resources are used, they must be used minimally (one or two citations maximum no more than two sentences or phrases) This type of information should be used to support one’s position or opinion only. Please note: cutting and pasting from the internet, use of another author’s thoughts and/or words from any resource without citation in the response and a bibliography, using sentences such as “Scientists/Researchers say that…” or “According to current research” (without citing who the scientists are…what the research is…and not citing them/it) is considered plagiarism. Plagiarism is not tolerated and therefore the instructor will take academic disciplinary action.

Responses must be at least 9 sentences in length (longer is better)